Tom Briggs and Salt Ministries hosted and trained with The Elijah Challenge in January 2009

Other reports from Tom

Dear Fellow Street Preachers of America and Around the World,

Please let me commend to you Brother William for your information and edification. God has ‘downloaded’ to William some vital weaponry for fulfilling the Great Commission. I called theWay of the Master principles of declaring the good news “The Ten Cannons” of biblical evangelism.. because WOTM, like our Lord, uses the 10 Commandments followed by the Good news/God’s grace revealed in the cross and redeeming blood of our dear Savior and Lord.

Now, God is restoring the other half of the weapons of our warfare: healing the sick, casting out demons, cleaansing the lepers, and raising the dead…which I call “The A/H-Bomb” of biblical evangelism (i. e., Authority to Heal Bomb).

Its time to repent for the Kingdom of God is nigh. If you have faith to obey and preach in the streets, then this shouldn’t be a problem. The fear of commanding disease, infirmities, demons to go, etc is the same old tune as before when we openair preach: “What if God doesn’t show up?” ”What if you make a ‘fool’ of yourself in public?” “Blah, blah, blah…lie, lie, lie”. The devil’s a liar, people. Stop insulting God by giving our ear to His Enemy and by our unbelief in His Word and promises. Amen?

Without obeying this part of the great Commission, you really aren’t obeying ALL Jesus commanded us to do and teach everywhere to everyone (Mt 28:18-20).