Reports from Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator Subodh Jena Kumar

February 27, 2015

Yesterday we returned from our Feeding Event in a remote village. The Lord is so good to us. We went this time as a family to the village called Pangali. The Lord did wonderful things despite a serious obstacle. There are only two roads in the village. Our Feeding Event was supposed to start at 10:30 in the morning on one of the roads, but that morning a middle aged man living on the other road died suddenly from a heart attack. We thought of canceling our event, but the brother who helped us to arrange it told us that it had already been planned for a month and we should go on with it.  By the grace of God around 110 tribal people heard the gospel for the first time, and accepted the Christ.



Although the people living on the other road where the man died suddenly could not attend, we nevertheless had a wonderfully fruitful event for the kingdom of God. The Lord performed extraordinary miraculous healings there as evidence of the truth of the gospel to these tribal people.

A powerful miracle

A young man named Akharak (below) was involved in very severe accident twenty days earlier. Many of his bones were fractured and he had to be hospitalized for several days. He was not able to walk, bend or move around. We did not know anything about his situation. He was brought to the meeting by his mother, and they sat in the last row. As he was listening to the gospel, he experienced something different in his body. The Lord was graciously healing him right there. He went home walking on foot. Being very shy he didn’t come forward at the meeting to testify what he had experienced there. But later the family called us to their home to share what had happened to him.  It was amazing to see him standing, walking, bending with ease. The Lord’s grace is immeasurable. His family and the villagers were astonished at this great miracle. It was really marvelous.

A woman named Sukri (below) had a migraine headache for a month. Sitting in the meeting she had severe pain. She suffered much as the pain was very terrible. She said that she had been crying a lot because of the pain. She had taken a lot of medicine but after a minute of some relief the pain would start up again. But at the meeting Almighty God completely took away her pain. She testified that there was no more pain and she felt very light in her head.



A young boy named Hari (below) had chest pain for two months after being struck by a cricket ball while outside playing. The ball was very hard. It was very painful for a few days, even taking breaths was difficult for him. At the Event the Lord healed him, and he testified that he had no more pain.



A woman named Shajki had an operation on her uterus last year. There was pain and swelling where she had received stitches. After taking medication for a long time it was supposed to heal, but it did not. The pain vanished and the swelling subsided at the meeting.



A woman named Renubala (below) was suffering from a menstrual disorder along with severe pain in her stomach. In pain she was sitting through the program when miraculously the pain left instantly.



A young boy named Krishan had a fever for three days. His mother asked him to attend the meeting while she went to the jungle to collect wood. So the boy came alone. As prayer was being lifted up he kept his eyes closed and repeated the prayer after me. Then he felt something like electricity (the Lord’s healing power) in his body. His body felt warm, and the fever left him.



A grandmother named Menaka had neck pain;, and it was very difficult for her to move. The Lord touched her and she testified that Jesus had completely healed her.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for us to reach these unreached places.

Following the preaching of the gospel, the villagers were served a meal as part of the Elijah Challenge Feeding Event (below). At the very bottom are our Orissa Coordinator Subodh and Rosy with their sons Nathan and Johnson.