Hearing Problems Healed

At the Abiding Faith Baptist Church in September, 2001, I ministered at their Annual Prayer Conference. At the end of the teaching, eight people with hearing impairment came forward for prayer. I called eight of the conference attendees forward to minister to them just as Jesus did (Mark 7:32-35), by putting their fingers into the impaired ears, and commanding the ears to “be opened in Jesus name!” All eight reported that their hearing had been restored.

At the Friday night Session, Deacon Maurice Flowers had been suffering from pain in his lower back and hip for twenty years. When Bobby Morgan (Pastor of Abiding Faith) laid hands on his back, Maurice felt something travel from his back through his leg to his toes, where he felt sudden intense pain. Then it was gone. Brother Flowers has experienced no more pain since then.

At the same conference there was a man who had a heart condition, which made it difficult for him to get up. After healing prayer, he was able to bend over and touch his knees three or four times. His heart was healed.