Tom Briggs and Salt Ministries hosted and trained with The Elijah Challenge in January 2009

Other reports from Tom Briggs & Salt Ministries

From OAS teammate Julia Warren: A Musl__m child healed

March 28, 2009

“I was able to minister to the daughter of a volunteer at a food bank. She had the flu and she was going on her 4th day and getting worse. Her mother was wondering if she should take her to the doctor. I asked her mother if it was alright for me to minister to her.

I stood and ministered to her with Christ’s authority. Her head pain left and her stomach stopped flipping a bit. She thanked me and I thought we were done. But the Holy Spirit led me to ask her if she wanted it all to go away. So I ministered with authority again. By this time all the head pain was gone and her stomach was relieved. She started to have chills and it seemed the fever was increasing because of the heat coming from her.

I asked her if she wanted the fever to go away. She said, “yes!” I could see she has a puzzled look about her. I ministered with authority again in Christ. The word came to me about how Jesus touched the girl with the fever and it left her. So I let her know that I wanted her hand. I spoke about Jesus touching the girl with the fever and said that it was going to leave her.

I held her hand and spoke with authority to the fever in Jesus’ name. She said she felt a little better. I told her that when she wakes up in the morning she will be all better in Jesus’ name. That is what she did.

I saw her mother today. She gave me hug, telling me that her daughter was all better that night after resting. I said, “yes, Jesus heals,” and she smiled. Then the Lord brought to me the name of ISA [the name of Jesus in the Arabic language]. I told her that ISA heals and that He is the one we need to thank; he healed your daughter. She agreed with smiles and hugs about thanking ISA. I ask for open doors to speak to this family more about Jesus.”

Julia Warren: Nine months of ankle pain gone

“A young believer was encouraged by the Word of God and was healed from an ankle pain she had had for nine months. She is going to the doctor to see what he says. She walked out of my office without a limp and was glorify ing Jesus.”