“Our Elijah Challenge Pastor Prem Pani called to share his ministry report with me. One very small village 14 kms from his station is inhabited by only eight families. They are very poor. Some of them are labourers while others cultivate the soil. Two families each had a boy who was suffering from the same kind of disease for a week. The two boys suffered from stomach pain and swelling.

The families thought that it might be the work of demons so they took their boys to a sorcerer where they were prescribed some medication. But the boys did not get well. It happened that Brother Prem was passing through that village. Tired after walking a long distance, he sat down outside a home for a few minutes where there was a woman. He asked the woman for some water to drink. The woman came out from the house and explained to him that they were in very much distress due to their boy’s illness.

Just like Jesus and the Samaritan woman…
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Without hesitation our brother asked her to bring her boy outside. He started to minister to the boy in the name of Jesus Christ. After a few minutes someone brought the other boy who had the same problem. Our Lord graciously touched both boys. The parents witnessed instant change in the stomachs of their boys, and they were amazed. At first they thought it was the power of witchcraft. But Brother Prem explained to them that it was the power of our Lord Jesus. Not only did the families accept the Christ, but other villagers also believed as Prem encouraged them to accept the Christ. Praise the Lord.”

By Subodh Jena Kumar, an Elijah Challenge Coordinator in India
April 2015