Iraq War veteran AA founded and leads One Way Ministries. After having trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2016, AA has been used by God in extraordinary ways to preach the gospel as well as to train and send workers into the Lord’s vast harvest fields in Asia, especially in India and neighboring countries. Below is his report on the harvest being reaped by his trained workers.
Total # who heard the good news: 4,738
Received salvation: 1,744
Baptized: 47
Leaders in training: 44 
New house churches planted in June: 81
Total house churches so far: 223
Breakdown per country for June
Total # who heard the good news: 3893
Received salvation: 1629
Baptized: 27
Leaders in training: 22
New house churches in June: 68
Total house churches so far: 196  
Total # who heard the good news: 345
Received salvation: 146
Baptized: 0
Leaders in training: 16
New house churches in June: 9
Total house churches so far: 12
Total # who heard the good news: 500
Received salvation: 115
Baptized: 20
Leaders in training: 6
New house churches in June: 4 
Total house churches so far: 15

AA wrote us:

“Lots of cool testimonies this month. I added a couple to my site here. One quick one is that my family and I were eating at a Chinese buffet after Ashley had a dream about going to one. As I am dishing up, some guy comes up and says “You are a Christian! I need you to pray for me, demons are attacking me!” So I prayed for him right next to the buffet line and demons started manifesting through him! I told them to quiet down and come out and then they stopped. That was a pretty crazy experience, especially since people were still trying to squeeze through in order to get their food while this guy is manifesting demons!
It is really exciting to see God work through all the people I have trained and the people they trained, etc. Lots of lives are being changed. We seen over 1700 people accept Jesus as their savior this month with the ground component alone. That’s like a small city! We have also planted 81 house churches, with more than half of the 1700 joining them. We are now overseeing 223 house churches with over 4,000 members! …It is wonderful to see our system work not only in India, but in the mainly Muslim nations of P* and Bangladesh too. I believe this is now a reproducible system that we can teach anywhere!
We added two more church planters this month in India, so we have seen much more fruit. Even than what the numbers below represent, because many people in the house churches are evangelizing, but are not reporting numbers. Also with the TV show, which is still going strong. My coordinator in India visited the TV studio this month and talked with the managers in charge and they said they believe about 8 or 9 million people are watching the show on any given day! We can’t say how many people are coming to Christ every month because of it, but even if it was 1/10 of a percent, it would be 8,000 people each month. One percent would be 80,000 people. Either way it is exciting, so please pray that people watch and that God touches them through the show.”
“Every believer is healing the sick nowadays…Usually when I am training people, I will have a child come up and minister healing to an adult—so everyone sees that if a child can do it, they can also do it. Even if a demon is manifesting. I also had a brand new believer who just said the salvation prayer ministering healing to other people as well—just to break any type of religious spirit or minimize prideful thoughts people might have.”