The Elijah Challenge in India

By Hanok Masih, Elijah Challenge Coordinator

Our November 1st event was in Haridwar. Over two hundred souls made decisions for Christ. In this Feeding Event, our Haridwar pastor Mange Singh preached the gospel and his trained church ministered to the sick. About eighty people received miraculous healings and deliverance from evil spirits. After that they attended church services in their villages. Just recently we heard that whole families have come to the Lord.

Our second event was an evangelistic Feeding Event in partnership with an Assembly of God church. This church had not experienced any growth for many years. When they heard about the Baptist as well as the Methodist revival meetings, they invited Brother Simon Haqq to preach. In the Feeding Event close to 800 people gave their lives to the Lord.

The pastor said for the first time he saw the gospel preached in the demonstration of power and the Spirit. Blind eyes were healed, a growth vanished, and one lady had a cast on her broken hand. As she invited Jesus to come in her heart she felt the POWER OF GOD TOUCH her, and the pain vanished. I asked her to remove the cast. To our surprise her hand had been healed—her bones had joined together. These are just a few of the testimonies.