Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. This month’s Feeding Event was very fruitful, with many miraculous healings following the preaching of the gospel and prayer. About eight hundred Hindus accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior after experiencing and witnessing such miracles.

The region of Jambani is completely dominated by Hindus. The place is known as the Ayodhya of Orissa. The original Ayodhya where the Hindu god Rama is said to be born is in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is surrounded by Hindu temples. In the same way Jambani in Orissa is surrounded by Hindu temples with their heavy idol worship. So Jambani is known as the Ayoudya of Orissa. Around five small villages gathered together for our Elijah Challenge Event. Our co-worker Pastor Junul had arranged for us to train some servants of God during the day and to hold the evangelistic Feeding Event in the evening. At the Feeding Event our gracious Lord did great and marvelous things.

A man named Sivaka had had a stroke and had been paralyzed for ten months. He was unable to perform any work, and could get around very slowly step-by-step only with the help of two walking sticks. Our Lord Jesus touched him miraculously. His strength was restored, and he was able to walk before the big crowd without the sticks. It was an awesome experience. Praise the Lord.

Sivaka walks

A man named Madaba was suffering from some kind of disease which robbed him of strength. He had not walked for three years. His entire body was not functioning properly. A few servants of God gathered around him to minister to him. It was marvelous. The Lord healed him, and he began to walk.

Madaba testifies

A man named Panda had a problem with his vision. He was unable to see with his left eye. Even at the big hospital in our state capital of Bhubaneswar the doctors could not help him, and told him to go home. His eye was always red and constantly tearing. It was especially unbearable for him during the very hot weather at the time. But God touched him. He was completely healed and could see properly.

One elderly woman named Tukuni had suffered from back pain. Her back was bent over, and she was not able to stand or walk properly for years. She believed that some unclean spirit had attacked her body. Since she had never met a servant of God who could minister to her, she had gone to sorcerers for treatment and had taken the medication they prescribed for months. Actually she had not wanted to come to our Event since it was too far for her to walk. But one of her neighbours asked her to accompany her, and so she came. At the Feeding Event we commanded her pain to leave in Jesus’ name. For the first time in years she stood up straight and the pain disappeared. Our Lord Jesus had graciously healed her.

“A man named Sivaka had had a stroke and had been paralyzed for ten months…”

A woman named Kamala suffered from severe pain. It would suddenly grip her chest and then spread to her entire body. This severe pain would move around from place to place in her body. The doctor was unable to uncover the reason for this. Whenever the pain seized her leg she would cover the leg with garment. She said it was the work of sorcerer because the symptoms appeared to be demonic in nature. After prayer, the Lord delivered her instantly from this demonic affliction. She testified that she had been to the doctor as well as to the sorcerer, but never experienced what she had experienced at our Event.

Kamala shares what Jesus has done for her

One great deliverance took place when two women at the back were attacked with unclean spirits while we were ministering to the sick at the front. One woman rolled on the ground all the way to the front. The people were startled seeing such an unusual spectacle. When she reached the front I issued a command to the unclean spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. After that she remained still for few minutes lying on the ground. Then she got up and went to the back in her right mind.

At that time a teenage girl came to the front crying and screaming. Our pastors rebuked the unclean spirit tormenting her in Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord, Jesus delivered both women from the demonic spirits, and they were saved.

Unfortunately we do not have pictures of this since our photographer seeing the two demonized women was frightened and stopped taking pictures. Also it was getting late in the evening and we were in a hurry.

There were so many people miraculously healed that event. We did not have the time for each one to give their testimony. Only a few people had a chance to share. We took some pictures but because it was dark they are not very clear.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for us to reach such needy places.


The Lord miraculously heals Seba

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