The Feeding Event took place in New Delhi, the capital of India


On January 1, 2009 Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India wrote:

“On December 25, 2008 we held our Feeding Event at Bhangla Saheb Road, in New Delhi. Close to 745 people came to attend our Christmas Feeding Event. We invited Hindus and Musl__ms as well as people from an old age home. Close to 705 people gave their lives to Christ Jesus. The power of God touched the hearts of the Hindus and Musl__ms. Many miracles and healings took place. The Elijah Challenge-trained team of pastors and believers were of great help in healing the sick during the event. Five pastors and ten believers were involved in the follow-up ministry.

If God is willing we will have one Elijah Challenge Church for new believers of Musl__m background and five Elijah Challenge churches for those new believers who come from a Hindu background. This coming Sunday on January 4, 2009, these new Elijah Challenge Churches will be established in different parts of New Delhi. Please continue to uphold us in your prayers.”


Hindus and Musl__ms came to attend the Event

Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Centre India (left) with Sister Sweety leading the singing of gospels songs at the beginning


The kingdom of God is proclaimed to the lost

Pastor Simon Haqq proclaims the kingdom of God to the Hindus & Musl__ms

Above & below: Approximately 700 Hindus & Musl__ms decide to follow Jesus Christ

The sick are healed according to Luke 10:9. Many reported that they had been healed. Below are a few testimonies.

Mr. Smim Khan, a Musl__m gentleman, came up to the stage to testify. When he came to the Feeding Event it was the first time he ever heard about Jesus. As he welcomed Jesus into his heart, he felt peace in his mind. Since he suffered from knee pain our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Ruben laid hands on him. He felt total relief from the pain. Mr. Khan said that Jesus is only God who can heal the sick. The whole crowd was touched by his testimony.

Mhesh Kumar was suffering from pain in his left hand. The pain disappeared and he was healed. He was able to lift his hand.

Rameswar (center) was not able to walk because of the pain in his backbone. As he received Christ into his heart he also asked for healing. As Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Samson rebuked the pain, Rameswar was totally healed. Pastor Simon Haqq is at left.


Feeding the people

Above & below: Sister Farah and her team serve the people