“Thank you so much for your prayer and support. We had another fruitful Feeding Event, this time in a remote area of Orissa. It was quite unforgettable travelling to a very remote and hilly area surrounded by beautiful mountains. The people are tribal, very simple and gentle. They live day-to-day lives, cultivating land in the hills.



Thank God many of them were healed miraculously in Jesus’ name with many set free from demons. More than five hundred of them accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior—following the pattern recorded in Acts when many believed following the confirming miracles (Acts 4:4, 8:12, 9:35, 9:42).


A few reports from among the many whom the Lord healed

An elderly man named Kumar Jhadu (shown testifying below) was suffering from rheumatism for many years, especially from his waist down to his feet. He had much difficulty walking and doing any kind of work. Being a poor man he suffered a lot. At the suggestion of others he would try various drugs. But he was very upset that he was not healed after being treated by many doctors in the village as well as in the hospital. Our Lord graciously touched him at the Feeding Event and he was completely healed of the rheumatism.



A woman named Sukumari (below) had suffered from pain in her head for a year. She would feel as if a heavy weight was pressing down on her head. At the city hospital she underwent two scans, but the results came back normal so the doctor could find nothing wrong. When she went to another doctor he told her to go to the hospital in our capital city for treatment. She was arranging to go and had set aside Rs.20,000/ to cover the cost. But at our Feeding Event she experienced something like an electric shock go through her body. At that very moment the heaviness dissipated. (The woman with the bleeding in Mark 5 may have experienced something similar when she touched the hem of Jesus’ cloak.)



A woman named Malika (shown below holding her baby) had a small but painful tumour in her chest. Her husband was working in another state as a labourer.  She went to the hospital where the doctor told her that the tumour was only at the beginning stage. She would need an operation soon and at that stage it would not be very expensive. And so Malika was waiting for her husband to bring some money home. She was struggling taking care of their two children and dealing with the pain. But at the Feeding Event our gracious Lord healed her miraculously. The tumour simply disappeared. Praise the Lord.



Praise the Lord for His great work among the villagers. There were many more miraculously healed and set free from unclean spirits, but they were unable to share in front of others what they had just experienced from our Lord Jesus.”





-This report submitted by The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India


Feeding the villagers