“My name is Christopher. I am currently based and reside in Melbourne, Australia. 

Over the last 2 years I have grown so much through The Elijah Challenge Training. It was an eye opener for me, and it has been ever since. I have heard many teachings but none like what has been taught by The Elijah Challenge. Through The Elijah Challenge teachings and training, not only my spiritual eyes have been opened up but my personal walk with the Lord has been strengthened.

The Elijah Challenge has broadened and enlightened my knowledge in the Word and greater revelation came to me when I got to know that just being a lay person I have the authority and power to heal the sick effectively, cast out demons and preach the gospel to the lost according to Luke 9:1-2 and Luke 10:9.

Since getting to know The Elijah Challenge, I’m more fruitful now doing the Lord’s work than I was before by just being a regular Sunday Christian. I have also grown so much through the teachings for Radical Disciples on Saturdays.

The Lord has been gracious and shown favor to me and my family by opening many doors for ministry and mission in Third World countries and unreached parts of the world for fulfilling the great Commission. This wouldn’t be possible without my involvement in The Elijah Challenge. The Lord truly has fulfilled John 14:12 which Jesus promised that “those who believe in me will do the works that I am doing”. The Lord has fulfilled that through me and still continues to fulfill it. Praise the Lord.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled (Matthew 5:6).

Through The Elijah Challenge teachings God has truly filled me and keeps on filling me. I thank the Lord for the obedience and dedication of the founder of The Elijah Challenge who took a bold step of FAITH over 40 years ago to leave the comfort of the American dream by heading to the jungles of Borneo to do the Lord’s work. Today many thousands around the world including myself are reaping the benefits and are truly blessed. Now I can step out from my comfort zone without any doubt and with mountain-moving faith. The Lord has been gracious to me in fulfilling John 14:12 and performing many miracles signs and wonders.

Praise the Lord, God is good. Shalom and shalom!”