Village Sonia Vihar is in Uttar Pradesh


Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India reported:

“The November 2009 Elijah Challenge Feeding Event was conducted at the village Sonia Vihar in Uttar Pradesh. The population of this entirely Hindu village is 6,800. This is the first Evangelistic Feeding Event ever to be held in this village. We had very successful event.

Close to 380 people came to the Feeding Event and close to 335 Hindus received Jesus Christ has their Lord and Saviour. The first new Elijah Challenge Church was planted at the village Sonia Vihar. I received a phone call from our TEC-trained Pastor Mohan Mashi on Sunday, November 22. Close to 85 people came to worship the Lord Jesus Christ [at that very first service]. Praise God!”

Hindus receive the gospel of Jesus Christ


The infirm are healed and testiy

Elijah Challenge-trained pastor’s wife Sunita Mashi ministers to Mrs. Rashami at the Feeding Event. Rashami was married just six months earlier. Her husband is drug addict and she suffered mental torment at the hands of her husband. She was sad, filled with sorrow with no peace of mind and totally broken hearted. But as she received Christ in her heart, the hope of glory entered and she was totally released in the name of Jesus. In the picture she shares her joy from the stage.

A 12-year-old Hindu boy named Jeevan Ram came to the Feeding Event. He was suffering from pain and swelling in his left hand. Our Elijah Challenge-trained Sister Savita ministered healing to him in the name of Jesus. The boy was healed and received Christ as his Savior and Lord. Jeevan and Savita are shown in the photo above.


The Feeding Event for the villagers


Luke 10:9 “Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God is near you.’”