Orissa, India
April 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

I am delighted to write to you what the gracious Lord did in our last Feeding Event. The Lord helped us to conduct a Feeding Event in a remote village with the help of an Elijah Challenge-trained disciple.

There were around four hundred people gathered for this event from two nearby villages and approximately three hundred Hindus accepted Christ for the first time through this event. It was arranged very beautifully under a big mango tree. People were sitting here and there. Before one of the days of our program there was rain and the climate was cool. It was a blessing of course, but right after the preaching of the gospel there was sudden thunder and lightning so we could not hear the testimonies of healing.






Let me give you a few of the miraculous healing reports:


An elderly woman named Sebati Durga (above) was not able to hear for a few years. She took several ayurvedic medicines but they could not help her. Miraculously the Lord touched and healed her, and she could able to hear clearly.


A woman named Kalyani (above) was not able to turn her neck as it was very painful. She was not completely healed the first time, and we ministered to her again during the time of testimony. Praise the Lord she was completely healed.


A young man named Kabiraj was healed from an injured rib in his left chest. It was giving him much pain whenever he coughed. But miraculously he was healed in the name of Jesus.


A woman named Roshni (above) had an issue of blood for eight years, and had spent thousands of rupees for treatment (like the woman in Mark 5). But she was not healed. Her health was very weak. She was not able to eat. But miraculously she was instantly healed from the terrible disease.

A man had pain in a particular place in his back. He was not able to bend over due to the back pain. He was being massaged with ointments but the pain had not gone for the last twelve days. He was afraid to go to a doctor for a scan as he thought that he had cancer. But miraculously the Lord touched him. He felt something like electric power in that very place in his back, and at that very moment the pain and swelling were gone.

Mark 5:29 Immediately her bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering. 30 At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and asked, “Who touched my clothes?”

Thank you so much for helping us to reach such villages for the extension of His kingdom through thie Feeding Event.