“We had a wonderful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event where over three hundred people accepted Christ. The Lord performed many miraculous works as evidence of the gospel according to John 14:11.

“Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves.”

A gentleman named Prakash (below) was suffering from a horrible disease which caused his entire body to shake. He had suffered for many years. The doctor could not understand what caused it. Praise the Lord he was miraculously healed at our Feeding Event.



A middle-aged man named Anand (below) was not able to see properly. Seated at the back he was unable to recognise people at the front. He came up and told me that he could not see. I then ministered to him twice. After that he testified that he was able to see clearly.



A man named Suren (below) was suffering from high blood pressure and felt a very uncomfortable heaviness in his head. The day before he gone to a hospital for treatment. Praise the Lord at our Event he was healed completely.



I was touched to hear following testimony…

A 3-year-old toddler named Rinki (below with her dad testifying) suffered from very painful hemorrhoids. Whenever she went to the toilet outside she would have much pain and bleeding.  Her father had taken her to see many doctors with little result. Finally they recommended surgery for Rinki, but the family did not have the money. They took her to an ayurvedic specialist who treated her for a few months, but there was no relief.

Two months back we had a Feeding Event in Rinki’s village. Her parents brought her to us and asked us to pray over her. I ministered her in Jesus’ name, and after that we left. How wonderful is our God! The very next day the hemorrhoids disappeared. Her parents could hardly believe it. Praise the Lord for this great miracle.”



Submitted by Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena in India
December 2017