“On August 11 we conducted an evangelistic meeting in Punjab. Over 300 people came into our rented hall. So many people were healed in the name of Jesus. As a result, 300 Hindus gave their lives to Jesus Christ.



The gentleman below came to the meeting in pain due to a tumor in his neck. After we rebuked the tumor in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, he felt something leave his neck [possibly the unclean spirit responsible for the tumor]. Afterwards touching the place where he had the tumor on his neck he felt no more pain, but only an ‘empty space.’ Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! He accepted the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior.





Amarjeet (below) had been suffering from back pain for 4 years. The Lord healed her. Another woman had been unable to lift her right arm. But after the Lord touched her, she was able to lift her arm. She gave her life to Jesus Christ. Now she wants to open her home up for fellowship.




Suffering from some type of paralysis, little Aman (below) was unable to lift his arms. He also had difficulty speaking. After we rebuked the unclean spirits in the name of Jesus, he began to shout and lift his arms up. The Lord had healed him.




There was another little child (below) who was completely paralyzed, and could not straighten up his legs. We rebuked the unclean spirit of paralysis in Jesus’ name. His legs straightened out and he began to walk slowly. His parents started crying. They cried out, ‘yes, Jesus could heal our child, and will heal him completely.’ Now they are calling me everyday from Punjab.”



Feeding the villagers afterwards

“Thank you all for your support. We could start sooooo many fellowships in different villages because many people are coming from different villages for miraculous healing. After they are healed, than we have the privilege of starting house fellowships in more and more villages. That is my vision for church planting.”




-August 2016 report submitted by Elijah Challenge Pastor in Punjab, India