Ahtoda Village is Uttar Pradesh


Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India reported:

On 14th April 2009, we conducted our Evangelistic Feeding Event at Village Ahtoda in Uttar Pradesh. It is a Hindu village inhabited exclusively by a people group called the Thakurs. Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Addison Masih was able to invite about 314 people to our Feeding E
vent. Approximately 268 people raised their hands to receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. On Sunday, May 19th Pastor Addison Masih conducted the first Sunday service ever at village Ahtoda. Over the telephone he told us that 145 people came to attend this very first worship service. A new Elijah Challenge church, so far the only church, has been planted in this unreached village.”

The proclamation of the kingdom of God to the Hindus

Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel

Above & below: Hindus accept Christ as Lord and Savior


The healing of the infirm according to Luke 10:9 (“Heal the sick and tell them ‘the kingdom of God is near you'”)


Testimonies of miraculous healing by Jesus Christ

Babita, a Hindu girl, received her healing—she had been suffering from head pain. As our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Addison Masih rebuked the pain she received instant relief!

While he was working in the harvest field five days ago Mr. Ramveer hurt his left leg. He took pain-killers for the pain but there was no relief. During our Feeding Event he was totally healed as our Elijah Challenge-trained brothers rebuked the pain in the name of Jesus.


The feeding of the villagers