“Praise the Lord for His wonderful work in the remote village Pangara where all who joined us for our Feeding Event were tribal people. Their livelihood typically has them busy in their fields cultivating tumeric early morning until evening. But we thank God they were eager to witness the Lord’s healing power at our Feeding Event. It was highly unusual that over 250 people showed up.



Anima had been suffering from a tumor for the last year. It had lodged in the lower part of her stomach causing continuous pain. Her husband had taken her to the hospital in the capital where the doctor advised an operation for Anima. But they did not have the money. She said that because of this there was stress and tension in the home.

Anima could not believe what the Lord did for her as I ministered to the sick at a distance at the Event. She had her hand over the tumor. Suddenly it disappeared from under her hand. My wife Rosy checked for it, but there was nothing there. The Lord had healed her miraculously. All the villagers knew that she had been suffering from the tumor.


Anima holding the mic testifiying


Mama Rushi was a widow whose hand had been paralyzed for a long time. She could not do a thing with the hand. It was so wonderful when she experienced the miraculous healing power of God…she was able to move her hand and lift it up! For so many years she had struggled with doing everything with only her good hand. But at the Feeding Event our Lord touched her and Mama Rushi’s paralyzed hand was miraculously healed.



An older villager named Thankur was not able to hear properly for a long time. He came to the meeting with great expectation to be healed. The Lord was so gracious to restore hearing in both of his ears instantly. It was amazing to see the Lord’s marvelous, miraculous work in this remote village at the beginning of this year 2016.



Sarmola had had back pain for three months. She had gone to the hospital and taken the medication prescribed by the doctor. But the pain persisted. As we ministered in Jesus’ wonderful name, she was healed instantly and the pain disappeared.



Kabi had had chest pain for a long time. At the Event she told us that she had fallen down two years previously and since then she had persistent pain in her chest. But the Lord healed her from the pain.



Thank you so much for your precious prayer and support for us to reach such villages with the power and authority of our Lord.”


At this Event over 250 tribal people accepted the Lord Jesus Christ.


Afterwards the villagers were treated to a meal…

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena