“It was God’s plan that I missed my 7:30 AM morning train yesterday, forcing me to take the 12:15 pm train instead. Two ladies came in and sat in the compartment with me. They were from the Marwadies community comprising the highest caste of Hindu business people in India.

One of the ladies was suffering from a slipped disk. Her berth was above and mine was underneath hers. They asked me to give her the lower berth, and I consented and took the upper berth. After a few minutes I heard her shouting in severe pain and saw her taking a lot of pills for relief.

I asked her about her condition. She explained to me that she had been suffering from a slipped disk for five years and that it was very painful. They had gone to Hyderabad for treatment but the pain continued unabated.

I asked if I could share something with them, and they agreed. I shared the gospel with them. Since her back was so painful I told her to stand up in the compartment and asked the other lady to lay her hand on the pain. I ministered healing to her in the name of Jesus Christ with other people in the compartment watching. In the photo below she is on the right.

Within a few minutes she felt better and felt a change taking place in her body. Thank the Lord! Again I shared the gospel with them, this time very clearly. Afterwards they told me that there were many in their home who need to be healed of various physical problems. They told me they will plan to bring them to our town Bhawanipatna to receive ministry from us.

They shared with me they felt they had missed their earlier train for this very supernatural appointment. After another 150 kilometers they arrived at their destination and got off the train.

Praise the Lord for everything (Romans 8:28). It is difficult to share the gospel with such a high caste community in India. But the Lord gave me His grace and strength for such an occasion.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
May 21, 2017