Feerojpur is in Punjab in North India


Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India wrote:

“From the years 1995 to 1997 Pastor Simon Haqq and I visited this place for gospel meetings. Now if we compare [the results of those meetings] to the results of the model we now use—Evangelistic Healing & Feeding Events—there was a tremendous response we saw this time at Feerojpur.

We had our Feeding Event on the 16th of November 2008 at the Housing Board grounds. People came from nearby unreached villages as well as towns. Close to 460 Hindus and Sikhs attended our Feeding Event. Close to 240 gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Tezi (Church of God) and his church members followed up on those who came to our Feeding Event and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. Glory and praise to our God!”


The venue: Feerojpur in Punjab


Hindus and Sikhs came to attend the Feeding Event

Pastor Simon Haqq preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ


The sick are healed according to Luke 10:9

Mrs. Shaila Kour from a Sikh family came to our Feeding Event. She had been unable to walk for four and a half months because of swelling. At our Elijah Challenge Healing and Feeding Event she received her healing. She is giving her testimony above. From the stage she announced that she and her whole family will follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Later we came to know that in her family sixteen people were ready to follow the lord Jesus Christ. We praise God for this wonderful testimony for His glory.

Mr. Balvender Singh was also from a Sikh family and came to the Elijah Challenge Healing & Feeding Event. He had had an accident five weeks back and was not able lift up his right arm. When Elijah Challenge–trained Pastor Perm Coker ministered to him at the Event, he was healed by the Lord and gave his testimony from the stage.


Hindus & Sikhs give their lives to Jesus Christ

A Punjabi policeman accepts Jesus Christ at the meeting


Feeding the people