“Thank you so much for your prayer and support for the ministry. Praise the Lord for His great blessing to on ministry in different places. God is using our TEC servants of God in unreached villages.

Currently their ministry is going on in the two states Chhattisgarh and Orissa covering around fourteen districts where new house fellowships are now meeting.

Our outreach is now going on among the tribal and Dalit grous such as the Soura tribe, the Kui tribe, the Ho tribe, the Kandha tribe, the hari Jan tribe, the Oran tribe, the Munda tribe,  the Khadia tribe, the Santali tribe, the Gonad tribe, the Kobi tribe as well as with some higher caste groups such as the Gouda, Rana, Punjabi, Teli, Aghria and Sindhi.

The following report provides the total number of new house fellowships formed so far by our four groups of 12 disciples trained and sent out every two month since the beginning of this year:

1st group —- 10 house fellowships

2nd group —- 7 house fellowships

3rd group —- 5 house fellowships

4th group —- 2 house fellowships

Total of house fellowships formed so far in 2018 by newly-trained workers: 24

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
July-August 2018