“We had an awesome Feeding Event in a remote village—a Fundamentalist-dominated area. This month in that village a buffalo was being sacrificed to their gods in accordance with their local custom.  I wanted to have Feeding Event there, but our Pastor was initially reluctant because of the festival surrounding the sacrifice. But we believed it was the will of God for the Feeding Event to proceed. And so we witnessed wonderful miraculous healings. Around two hundred and thirty people accepted Christ.



A woman named Kabita (below) had been deaf in both ears for many years. I was surprised to learn that her husband while in a drunken stupor had slapped her severely damaging her hearing. She had been unable to hear for 25 years.  She had gone to the district hospital, but after examining her the doctor concluded that the injury to her ears was irreparable. It was wonderful to witness the Lord touching her and restoring her hearing. Kabitha testified that her doctor said she would never hear again, but Jesus healed her.



Kabita can hear!


A boy named Rajesh (below) of about 13 years of age was deaf from birth. He had never ever heard in his entire life. His father brought him to our Event. It was amazing to witness the Lord opening up his ears for him to hear for the very first time. Praise the Lord!



Three years earlier a woman named Gayatri had lost her hearing due to a sickness. Even after taking various prescription medications her hearing was not restored. Our gracious Lord healed her and she was able to hear clearly. 

A young woman named Rebha had swelling in her stomach and had experienced pain there for a long time. She had suffered through terrible things in her youth. Being poor and lacking the finances she could not get proper treatment for her stomach. Day by day the pain and swelling worsened, but in their poverty her family was helpless to do anything. But our gracious Lord healed her. The pain left instantly. When she felt her stomach with her hands she could find no trace of the swelling. 

 A grandmother named Prabhati (below) was at our Event and was suffering from swelling and pain in her knee. She was not able to raise or bend her knee. She would feel pain when walking. The Lord touched her and she was healed instantly. She was able to raise her knee and walk without pain.



An elderly man named Soras Pradhan (below) had chest pain and poor vision. He came to our Feeding Event with pain and heaviness in his body. There our Lord healed him of both problems, restoring normal sight to him and taking away the pain in his body.



A gentleman named Rakesh (below) had chest pain for a long time and was healed on the spot. He also had a breathing problem which the Lord healed as well.



Thank you so much for praying and for supporting us to reach the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ through these Elijah Challenge Feeding Events.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
 February 2017