The village of Rohini is in Delhi

Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center India wrote:

“On September 16, we conducted a Feeding Event at Rohini, Delhi. Close to 236 people attended, and close to 214 people gave their lives Christ. Our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor R.P. Mathew called us on the telephone on Sunday, September 21. He said that since he became a pastor in 1998, in almost ten years of ministry he never saw more then thirty people come to his Church on Sunday. After his training at The Elijah Challenge Training Centre his ministry totally changed. On September 16 he invited non-believers for the Feeding Event. Many were healed and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Brother Simon Haqq shared the gospel at the Event. That following Sunday 196 people came to attend his church service. Pastor Mathew is so excited healing sick people and sharing the gospel with non-believers.”


Sharing the gospel to the Hindu villagers



Hindus giving their lives to Jesus Christ


The Feeding Event