In India The Elijah Challenge trains servants of God how to preach the gospel to Hindus and Muslims as is repeatedly seen in the Book of Acts—with miraculous power and authority as evidence to them that Jesus is in fact the promised Messiah and the only way to the Father.
“We had a very effective and fruitful Elijah Challenge Training in a small town called Baliguda just near a Hindu temple.  There were around 60 servants of God trained from various organisations. Thank God for enabling me to teach the Elijah Challenge effectively.  One of the senior pastors testified, “I had been involved in the ministry for a long time after receiving my theological training, but had never come across such teaching in my seminary as well as in my ministry regarding ministering healing as Jesus did. Thank God for this powerful teaching.”
Below are a few testimonies on what the Lord did during the training:
Pastor Naik (below) had served for many years as a Senior Pastor with a renowned ministry in India. He had hearing loss in both ears. In the middle of the teaching I called him forward to be ministered to in the name of Jesus.  It was wonderful…he had not been able to hear normally from both ears, and he was healed instantly.
Pastor Naik could hear clearly at a distance!
Pastor Rajan (below) had had shoulder pain for six months, and was not able to move his back or raise his arms. We ministered to him along with the servants of God. It was wonderful to see him instantly healed. He was able to stretch his hand behind him to his back as well as raise his arms. 
Pastor Deepak (below) had a pain in both legs stretching to the top of his back. It was very difficult for him to walk any distance. For the past two months he had suffered from this pain. He was diagnosed by his doctor who prescribed medication for him for few days along with scans of his body. But still he was not well. The Lord healed him as the servants of God laid hands on him and  ministered to him in Jesus’ name.
Pastor Majhi came to the Training with a bad fever. Along with a cold and cough he was shivering. Graciously the Lord healed him as the servants of God ministered to him. Within a few minutes a sweat broke out over his body. Praise the Lord.  
 Pastor Digal had pain in his lower stomach for a long time. With even one step his leg would hurt badly. Sometimes while walking the pain would hit him out of nowhere and he would have to sit down wherever he happened to be. But he was completely healed as the servants of God ministered to him.  
Praise the Lord for this opportunity to teach such servants of God. I was able to meet a few new pastors to discuss with them the possibility of visiting their mission fields to teach still more pastors and servants of God with The Elijah Challenge.
Also I met a pastor who is from Orissa who is now working in Bihar. He shared how difficult it is to share the gospel among the Hindus in the very difficult region of Bihar. He requested that I visit him to teach the servants of God in Bihar. God willing, I am ready to go. I have never before been to the state of Bihar.”
-The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India, July 2016