The Elijah Challenge Herald
S P E C I A L   A N N O U N C E M E N T

Announcing The complete Elijah Challenge Training at the new Elijah Challenge Training Center from February 22 to 24 in Suffolk, Virginia
God’s Special Forces Healing & Deliverance Boot Camp
Dr. Princella F. Johnson & The Master’s House Church
Suffolk Hilton Garden Inn & Conference Center
100 East Constance Road
Suffolk, Virginia 23434
Friday morning through Sunday evening, February 22-24, 2013
Contact Ms. Erin Capps at  (757) 925-1300
or visit to register
Special Note
People with heart disease in particular will be healed in the name of Jesus at the Sunday evening evangelistic healing service

The Elijah Challenge
The Elijah Challenge equips every believer according to John 14:12 to heal the sick as Jesus taught and commanded His disciples in order to demonstrate to the world and to God’s backslidden people that He is the only way to the Father. It has been accepted by Southern Baptist leaderswho have attended the Training as well as by charismatic churches and has on occasions brought reconciliation and unity. It is instrumental in equipping the Church to fulfill the Great Commission. The time of the superstar “one-man-show” evangelist is fading and the time of the nameless disciple is at hand. Like the apostle Peter we do not bring you “silver or gold,” but what we have we give you: we will equip you to heal the sick in Jesus’ name (Luke 10:9) to reach the most gospel-resistant people groups.