The Elijah Challenge in India

“Tumors and growths vanishing instantly”

1We had two Feeding Events in September as our Haridwar Feeding Event didn’t go as expected since only 90 people turned up for the event in a village called Mohan Pura in Haridwar District. This is also one of the villages where there were no believers. All 90 were from non-Christian backgrounds. At the altar call all 90 stood up to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The Lord did amazing miracles among the people as our Elijah Challenge-trained believers ministered to the sick. Severe headaches and stomachaches, back pain, crooked legs, partial blindness were healed. A new fellowship has started in this village.

Our next Feeding Event was in Punjab in a village called Shimlapuri in Ludhina. Shimlapuri has a church but no growth. The pastor was sad as no souls were added to his church for many, many years, and due to fear of the people he never had a gospel meeting. When we shared about our Feeding Events he was very excited and at the same time very fearful as it was a totally Hindu-dominated area. To our surprise over 600 people turned up to hear the gospel and attend our Feeding Event. There were only 20 Christians and the rest were all non-believers. At the altar call over 300 people made decisions to follow Christ or learn more about Christ.11

Tumors and growths vanish instantly

I had trained the church with our Elijah Challenge teaching. Twenty trained believers ministered to the sick. We had reports of tumors and growths vanishing instantly. The leg of a girl with polio started to straighten up. And many with unclean spirits were delivered.

The pastor informed us that every day 10-15 people are calling him for ministry and to know more about Christ. He also told us that after we left about 150 people came to our meeting venue to be healed and our Elijah Challenge-trained believers ministered to them. Thank you for training and supporting us to reach North India for Christ.111



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