Badrigrah, Haridwar, India
September 2011 Feeding Event

By Elijah Challenge Coordinator Hanok Masih

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“Our Feeding event was conducted in Badrigrah, four kilometers from Haridwar. On that very day the Hindus were also celebrating the inauguration of their temple dedicated to one of their gods. Our meeting was about 2 km away from their venue.

I have no words to describe the manifestation of the power of God. Brother Simon had been preaching for about fifteen minutes when people started getting healed and set free from demons directly by the Lord. Unclean spirits began to come out of people crying “let us go from here.” Nobody was ministering to them. I remember when Simon said “Jesus Christ is Lord” the manifestations of healing and deliverance began. We just sat and watched the power of God at work.

The news of the manifestations spread and villagers started pouring in. Our veranda was packed with people, and there was hardly any place for Brother Simon to stand. Over 350 people were inside on the veranda and another 200 were outside. We had a good sound system so the people outside heard the gospel.


It was difficult to count the people, but only 10 -15 people remained sitting while the rest stood up to gave their lives to Christ. Even after the salvation prayer people kept pouring in for ministry. As the villagers were going home, other villagers were asking them about our meeting. When they heard that the sick and demon-possessed were being healed, they brought their sick relatives and friends. There were four Elijah Challenge-trained workers, and we ministered until 3 AM in the morning. 

As the believers were going home they saw the rest of the village gathering to humiliate and beat us. We took their gathering together very lightly. As we were driving out of the village the villagers surrounded us and were ready to beat us, A few of them were shouting exalting their gods. They were trying to pull Brother Simon our of the car to beat him, but when they could not pull him out they slapped him. We sent messages to our friends and families for prayer support.

Within 20 minutes the aggressive mood of the crowd changed. It was to our surprise. Their leaders came to us, abused us and said never enter this village, otherwise you will not return alive. By God’s grace we reached our home safely.

The news from the village is that in spite of all the opposition, people are coming to Pastor Mange Singh for prayer, healing and deliverance. Pastor Mange is advised not to leave his house as Hindu militants are seeking to kill him.

Brother Simon is banned from the village. The Hindu militant group has filed a case accusing him of conversion. We need much prayer. Brother Simon is very keen on planting churches in and around Haridwar where people take pride in saying there is no mu slim or no Christian in our villages. Our burden is to plant a church in every village in and around Haridwar.”

Update from Simon – October 16, 2011

“The news has spread to other villages as well, and people are coming to the pastor’s house to be healed and set free from demons in Jesus’ name. Today 80 new people came to see what the Lord is doing in the village. Please continue to pray for pastor Mange.”