Sonipat, Haryana, India
October 2011

Other Elijah Challenge events in India

“The first time in 25 years the gospel is openly proclaimed in Sonipat”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator Hanok Masih wrote:

“We conducted the first Feeding Event of October 2011 in Sonipat. A Methodist pastor, a friend of Brother Simon from Bible college who was also trained under you in Dheradun, invited us for a Feeding Event. We had a two-day Feeding Event. On the first day around 240 or more people came for the event. About 160-plus gave their lives to the Lord. The Lord did unusual miracles among us: bent hands and legs were straightened. The news of the miracles spread like fire in the villages. The next day was our main Feeding Event, and approximately 400+ people came for the event. There were only 50 Christians and the rest were all non-believers. During the altar call every person in the room raised their hands to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. There was a demonstration of the Spirit and power as deaf ears were opened, the blind saw, and many people with severe joint and back pain were healed. The pastor has invited me to conduct an Elijah Challenge Training seminar among the believers and new converts.

The fresh news from Sonipat is that the pastor has started conducting healing meetings every Saturday. Many people (non-Christian) have given their names for baptism.”





Above: this girl’s twisted hands were straightened miraculously




A broken relationship restored: they decided to forgive each other and start a new relationship