Kathmandu, Nepal
November 2011

At this very first Elijah Challenge Basic Training event in Nepal, there were a total of over 100 disciples and servants of God in attendance over the two-day event, mostly from Kathmandu. Nepal is a predominantly Hindu kingdom nestled in between India and China in the shadow of the mighty Himalayas.


Nepal is sandwiched in between India to the south and China to the north

Our host was Simon Haqq, the servant of God based in New Delhi who leads our Feeding Events in India.

Near the end of the first training session there was a demonstration of healing following the principles we discovered in the ministry of Jesus Christ Himself. An elderly woman suffered from a hole in her heart as well as some paralysis on one side of her body. Two sisters ministered to her with power and authority in Jesus’ name. Afterwards she felt very light in her body as she walked around and the movements on the affected part of her body were improved. The disciples ministered to others who came forward as well, and as far as we know each one of them testified that the Lord had healed them or their symptoms had disappeared.

The next day we completed the Training. During the demonstrations the Lord confirmed the teaching from His word by healing the infirm. To our recollection, nearly every person with a hearing problem—whether loss of hearing or ringing—testified of being healed or of significant improvement as the Nepali disciples ministered to them. They were then challenged to use the weapon entrusted to them to obey the Lord’s command as did the Twelve:

Luke 9:6  So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere. 

In predominantly Hindu Nepal there are very many unreached villages.

Comment from participant

We received several very encouraging comments about the teaching. One of the brothers even emailed me the following:

“Hello sir! This is Rahul who attended your service yesterday and today at fruits in Kathmandu. If you remember, I was the person who asked you to pray during the tea break before we went for the last session. I am tremendously blessed after you prayed and ya of course during the entire teaching of urs. I know for sure that the LORD sent you here for me at least. Sir I am a person who likes to be under authority of seniors and especially ones like you. I too have a vision of Healing Ministry with a glorious Worship and Praise coz The LORD has called me to lead worship.Iam strongly pursuing this GOD given vision of mine. I do need your prayer support and definitely I would like to go to the villages with the new wave of HIS GLORY and preach the gospel, healing the sick and raising the dead coz now i know how to use the weapon. I will be  exercising my authority  in JESUS thus planting churches where CHRIST would be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth.

 I thank GOD for bringing you here and I would like to thank you for sharing the Truth once again. It seemed too short but I would definitely visit your sites and get the teachings. Me and my family will be touching heaven for you so the The HOLY SPIRIT would use you even mightily to extend GOD’S kingdom all over the earth.”

Bhutan: a fulfillment of prophecy?

Another country we want to target is the nearby country of strictly Buddhist Bhutan where ministry and evangelism are extremely difficult. Several years ago there was a prophecy that Brother B would someday go to Bhutan. It seemed a prophecy impossible to fulfill with all the difficulties. But there was a pastor at this training who is originally from Bhutan. After attending the Training he wants to arrange a future Training event for us right at the border where Bhutanese disciples can cross over to be trained.

Feedback from event organizer

Pastor Simon Haqq wrote us from New Delhi later that month:

“I have no words to thank you for what the Lord did in Kathmandu. I have already received invitations to conduct the Training from 11 towns or villages in Nepal. As you told me I have encouraged the pastor to conduct Feeding Events, and he has agreed to use his trained believers. Other trained believers from different churches shared what the Lord did in them and through them during the Training, and their pastors requested me to bring this teaching in their churches. Amrit [an Indian pastor we trained in March 2006 in Dehra Dunand I are planning it. The Lord willing, we wiil be visiting them in 3 months.”

After the Training event, Simon and Amrit had several meetings with other groups interested in the Basic Training. In addition, eleven leaders who had attended the Training were chosen to teach others what they had just received. One brother was appointed and sent to a remote unreached area to plant an Elijah Challenge Church. There has been a high degree of interest by those who heard about the Training.