Other Elijah Challenge events in India

The following report was submitted by Brother Simon Haqq in Delhi.

“After hearing good reports of how the Lord is using us in Northern India through our Feeding Events, I was invited to a remote area in Bihar. I was expecting few hundred people for the event, but to my surprise the local people arranged it in a school.

As much advertisement was done with free food, over 1,800 people flocked together for the event. I preached the gospel and invited people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Over 800 people gave their lives to the Lord, and many were healed from their infirmities.

There was a girl present at the meeting. When I asked her if she believed that Jesus could heal her, she immediately took off her glasses and threw them down. The moment she did that she felt the power of God touch her eyes and she started weeping. I exercised my faith and gave her a Bible to read. By God’s grace she read the Bible for the first time in her life without eyeglasses.

I was alone ministering to the sick and felt a great need to have Elijah Challenge-trained believers present. We will be going there next month for an Elijah Challenge Training event.”