December 2011


An atheist who is a very high-ranking government official came to our fellowship with his son who had lost life in the lower part of his body. Doctors said that he would stay like that all his life. Hearing this the man cried and said to the doctors, “Please, I am willing to spend as much money as necessary, but get my son well.”

One of his relatives who is a believer and who had attended Brother Simon’s healing meetings said to him, “Jesus can heal your son. I know a servant of God who ministers and people get healed.” The arrogant atheist said, “Give him 10 lakhs [over US$19,000]. I want my son to be well.”

So the family arrived at Simon’s home for him to heal his child and also offered the money. Since there were many people in his living room, Simon took him to his personal room. When they came out, the boy was healed—walking and jumping for joy.

The atheist fell at Simon’s feet. Simon said to him, “the grace of God cannot be bought but experienced.” He refused to take the money. I am not revealing his name since he is a very high government official.

-Testimony from Elijah Challenge India Coordinator Hanok Masih