Other Elijah Challenge events in India

Report from Elijah Challenge Coordinator Hanok Masih:

“At a Methodist church in Frakuabad in Uttar Pradesh, about 74 believers were trained in The Elijah Challenge and Power Evangelism. After the teaching trained believers prayed over the sick. It was amazing to see how God used simple believers to heal the sick. Brother Simon Haqq was invited to preach in a three-day crusade and he asked me to bring these 74 trained believers to heal the sick.

Our August Feeding Event was a mini-convention in Punjab Nikoder. We invited people from five villages to come for the event. We booked a wedding hall and close to 900 people attended. The good news is that about 95% of them were first-time hearers of the Gospel. Perhaps 250 of them came forward to receive Christ for the first time. We appointed a new pastor there to take care of the new believers. He was trained at the Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in Delhi, and his name is Vishal.

After the salvation prayer, six of our Elijah Challenge-trained pastors ministered to the infirm. We heard some awesome testimonies—like joint pain for many years gone instantly. I remember one person who came limping into the meeting; he had had a severe accident. But after our trained worker ministered to him, he was healed. Pastors saw their churches grow after the event.

The following Sunday Brother Simon was invited to preach in two churches. The pastors gave testimonies that their churches grew by 25-30 people as new souls were added to their fellowship.”