Other Elijah Challenge events in India

Report from Elijah Challenge Coordinator Hanok Masih:

“Our 2nd Feeding Event for August 2011 was conducted in Old Delhi Methodist Church. This Feeding Event was for reaching the slum people and different tribes that come to work in Delhi. The church was packed with people, with over 360 people hearing the message of God’s love through God’s servant Simon Haqq.

We had two days of meetings at the request of the people. On the second day which was not a Feeding Event over 280 people attended the meeting. On the first day approximately 210 souls came forward to receive Christ.

After this Event we started two home churches in the suburbs of Old Delhi. There were more than 50 testimonies of people being healed and delivered from demons at the Event. I am sure many more were healed, but to lack of time we could hear only a few testimonies.”