Other Elijah Challenge events in India

In May 2011 we conducted our Feeding Event in Haridwar District, a most holy place for the Hindus.

God opened a door for us in a village called Ruhalpur. As we surveyed the village we found only one Christian family. I asded him to open his house for a Feeding Event. He gladly consented, but no mic would be allowed.

So we advertised in the entire village and invited people to come to the Event. About 130 people gathered together. Brother Simon Haqq preached the gospel, and almost everyone stood up to receive the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Over 60 people were healed as they confessed Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and were ministered to by Elijah Challenge-trained disciples. 

Since it was Saturday we invited the people to come on Sunday morning. To our joy all of the 130 people came to the morning service, and a new church was planted in this village. Bhadur Singh, who is also an Elijah challenge-trained pastor, will take of the believers in this village.

-Hanok Masih, Elijah Challenge Coordinator Uttar Pradesh