Jaimie Alonso attended The Elijah Challenge Training in February 2008

Reports from Jaimie Alonso

“One of my fellow bus drivers came off his bus limping and told me was going to see his doctor about the pain in his heel and lower calf. I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit asking me to heal his foot. My friend left to complete his after “run” bus-cleaning and I went to my bus kicking myself mentally about a missed opportunity to pray for him.

So while I was cleaning up I first repented and then prayed for mountain-moving faith to overcome my disobedience. I marched on to his bus and ask him if I could pray over his foot. My friend has a relationship, so to speak, with a higher power as a result of “AA”.

He said he was a little uncomfortable about this. A few moments went by and then he said that his higher power said all was okay for me to pray for him. I commanded the healing to come and then asked him to walk. The healing had started.

I commanded again and rebuked any demons [possibly the higher power too]. He was healed. And also his back pain which he has had for 20 or so years! He received more than he thought!

I was able to share the gospel with him. He said that my higher power was powerful so to speak and I told him that my higher power has a name, “JESUS!” He will go to his doctor to get things checked out and I will continue to lay hands on him and command this challenge to be healed.

He yelled across the compound as I was leaving, “Hey, how much do you charge for this anyway?”

“Silver and gold I don’t have, but the power of God is free!”