Reports from Elijah Challenge Africa Coordinator Emmanuel Rhema

Brother Emmanuel was trained at The Elijah Challenge Seminar in November 2004 in Nigeria.
 He was taught how to heal the sick as Jesus did to prove to the lost that He is the only way to the Father. Just one month later Emmanuel invaded the Musl__m north with the power of the gospel. His report is below.

Nigeria, September 2005 – “I am very happy to identify with you; I feel good doing the work of God with the proof [of miracles]. The result—what I have not seen for the past 16 years I have seen it in less than a year. What you taught me I have communicated the same revelation to hundreds of ministers and believers. I am currently in high demand by churches. I give glory to God.”

“You have imparted much into me, and countless other [servants of the Lord] have benefited with an outstanding healing testimony in their ministries. The same thing you taught me I have communicated to them…It is only God who will reward you…”


2,000 souls saved and many healed in his first Crusade

“The crusade started on December 24th but we could not finish on the 27th as scheduled because of the hungry crowd and the power of God that was witnessed in the programme. We finished the healing crusade on the 30th in Opiriku. Some neighboring communities have requested the same healing crusade because the community is in a remote area where there is no electricity and development, the water in that community is brownish, the government has really forgotten about them, and the operation of witchcraft is of the highest order as they kill their victims.

I left the crusade to return to Delta state to sell my car in order to sponsor the eight neighboring communities, and I am happy doing that for the sake of the gospel. People turned out in great numbers, as 17 total deaf ears were opened, three cripples walked and many sicknesses were healed instantly through mass healing ranging from asthma, a growth in a woman’s breast vanished, a tumor disappearing and four witches were struck down by the power of God and confessed their evil deeds and gave their life to Jesus. The joy of all is that over 2,000 people including 17 Musl__ms gave their life to Jesus whom I personally sat down with.

I am very happy that what you sacrificed your time and money to teach us [actually] WORKS. I am happy because I now see God working through me. I pray that God will continue to use you and prosper the work of your hand in Jesus’ name.”

The Crusade


(Below) Witchdoctors struck down by the power of God…
…later confessed their sins and accepted Christ

(Above) Brother Emmanuel preaching the gospel to the crowd


Mafia gangster brings deadly cobra snakes to Emmanuel’s Crusade

Emmanuel wrote:


Calvary greetings in Jesus’ name. There was a crusade that had been organized for a man of God in Otukpa Benue state in the Northern part of Nigeria. Unfortunately the man of God was attacked with stroke two days prior to the programme, so I was invited to handle the crusade because of the December crusade I had recently held.

The first day of the crusade was powerful as God healed three deaf and dumb people, immediately I climbed the stage. The people’s faith was lifted up, then I preached on the exchange made at the cross of Calvary. Then I ministered mass healing to the sick, many were instantly healed of tumor, asthma, a woman with myopic eyesight was healed. God did marvelous healings as the people testified in tears.

On the 2nd day a noted mafia gangster who had threatened the whole community came with his serpents to scatter the meeting. He brought out his serpents, they were five in number. He took the cobra and put it on the stage and many people were frightened. Some even ran away. At the beginning I was also afraid. I almost came down from the stage because I know the man meant to kill. Suddenly boldness came upon me and I went directly and picked up the snake with my bare hand and commanded it to die. It died immediately. I picked the other four snakes and likewise I commanded them to die and they all died as well. The crowd gathered and they were praising God jubilant that the power of God is real. All the spectators confessed Jesus as Lord that night including the mafia gangster and his family. On the last day the size of the crowd was triple the first two days. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. As I am typing this letter now I am shedding tears because the joy of the Lord has overwhelmed me.

…The greatest joy is that the snake man is now busy preaching the gospel and there was truly revival in that community. I took time to teach them how to preach and heal the sick in Jesus’ name, just as you taught us, with practical demonstrations in healing deaf ears, and other sickness and disease instantly. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Your son in ministry,


(Emmanuel attended our Seminar in Nigeria in November 2004)


Raising the dead

 Testimony of Evangelist Emmanuel, trained in our Seminar in Nigeria in November 2004:

“It was on the morning of March 27, 2005. When I was rounding up my 2 days indoor healing Crusade with a church called God’s Time Bible Church. As I was about to preach, the host came up to me to inform me about a girl who was said to have died about 3 hours earlier. When I heard it I was reluctant to accept her for prayer, thinking that she may not be brought back to life and that would mean an embarrassment. But nevertheless a thought came to me that the same God who has been doing miracles through me will use me to raise the dead. I demanded that the body should be kept at the altar. I took my kingly authority and commanded with holy anger that the spirit of death should leave. It appeared as if nothing would happen but I still remained on my stand that it must obey. Within a period of about five minutes, the girl opened her eyes and the crowd began to shout with joy, singing and praising God.”

Nnene, girl raised from the dead

This is the testimony as told by the aunt of the girl that Jesus raised from the dead:

“I am the aunt of Nnene (the girl who was raised from the dead). I am Sis Comfort by Name. On the 26th of March we all ate and watched some films and retired to bed. When we woke up the next morning and started preparing for church, Nnene was still in bed, we didn’t bother because she didn’t like going to church. One of my sisters decided to wake her up.

“Nnene could not wake up!” my sister screamed, and I rushed in to see what the problem was. Behold, Nnene was gone.

We all tried to revive her, all to no avail, until some people confirmed her dead. As the Lord would have it Evangelist Emmanuel was holding an indoor healing crusade with us in the Church (God’s Time Bible Church, Bendel Estate, Delta State). We decided to take her body to the Church that Sunday morning on which the incident took place. On arriving at the church we told the Pastor to inform the Man of God if he will agree to pray for the girl. By then it was about the 3rd hour after which she had died. The Evangelist demanded the corpse; he told us to put it at the altar and commanded the spirit of death to leave. It looked as if nothing happened. But within some few minutes my niece was brought back to life, and she is still alive and well. Praise the Lord!”

Sister Comfort, Nnene’s Aunt


Emmanuel attends The Elijah Challenge Training Seminar 

After the meetings in Enugu in November 2004, Brother Emmanuel wrote us:

“It was on a faithful day precisely on the 8th NOV 2004 that The Elijah Challenge Seminar started, with ministers from different denominations including the state Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Enugu state leaders been present to learn how to heal the sick.

No minister among us has ever attended any healing seminar to learn how to heal the sick.

Brother William exposed a lot of principles and secrets that have been hidden in the ages past including to our modern healing Evangelists, it was like the veil that covers our eyes in the area of healing ministry was removed, as the teachings were going on many of us testified that some coolness, warmness and electric current were being experienced on our bodies, which I believe is impartation.

After the first day teaching, we entered into the practical, where the ministers in the training were called out to minister to the sick ministers and church workers, the healing result was dramatic and instant. I was specially called out the second day to minister to a man that had knee injury for the past four months as a result of accident, he testify an instant healing, on the third day I was also use to minister to a woman who has arthritis from waist down and the pain was subsided, I took authority again over that infirmity and she testify that she is completely healed. Brother William asked if anybody (else) received a healing touch when I ministered to that woman. A minister rose up and said that he had had a chronic eye problem but as I was praying for the woman, something left his eyes and he could see clearly

Some testimonies from the Healing Seminar

1. A lady with a lump in her throat testified that the lump vanished.
2. A lady testified that her leg was very heavy and painful, and that the pain left and the leg was light.
3. A lady testified that she had been having continuous stomach pain; after the prayers the stomach was healed.
4. A lady that was going blind began to see clearly; she could even see farther than before.
5. A lady with pain in her ribs received instant healing.
6. A man who had a chronic eye disease with three major problems in the eye, testified that he could not feel pain anymore and he could see better.

Some testimonies from the evangelistic Crusade

After Brother William preached, he called for the trained ministers to come out and minister to the sick, for three days these are some of the testimonies recorded.
1. Four months of respiratory problem healed.
2. Painful menstrual pain healed.
3. One year eye problem healed.
4. A woman who could not bend for seven years bent over without pain.
5. A woman who was experiencing pain from her chest to stomach region and could not work well for three weeks was instantly healed as she demonstrated it by jumping.
6. A young girl since her birth could not speak well started speaking well and loudly.
7. A lady with ulcer testified that she could not feel anymore pain.
8. A young man who was deaf in one ear received his healing on the third day of the crusade.

Brother William finished preaching, he said God showed him a man that had an injury on the sole of his foot, that God wanted to heal him. The man came out and it was exactly as Brother William described it through the word of knowledge, the crowd were surprised. After prayer the man testified that he was healed. We ministers were looking for cases like blindness, lameness and even the dead to raise, but none of these cases was present in the crusade.

But I know we shall encounter them in our own crusades.

All the ministers and the crusade participants were happy as they saw God demonstrating His power before them; many sinners came out to give their life to Jesus Christ after experiencing and seeing the healing love of God.

The Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Enugu chapter said they would want Brother William to come back again. Many ministers that attended the healing seminar promise to take the healing power of God to every nook and cranny of the state and the world as a whole. After I came back from the healing seminar, my healing anointing increased dramatically; any sickness no matter how terrible it is no longer intimidates me.

I have currently witnessed about seven (7) total deaf and dumb healed, and many undiagnosed incurable sickness and diseases healed instantly by the power of God after I came back from the healing seminar. I am currently working on reaching the Musl__m community in Nigeria with the healing power of God; from there I will extend to North Africa and then the whole world.

Brother William, you have shown us the way to affect our generation for God, we pray that God will preserve you and also sponsor you for this great task. My family and I love your family from the bottom of our heart. And may God perfect all that concerns you in Jesus’ name.”


“I just came back from my hometown in the north today where I had a meeting with about fifty ministers for the purpose of reaching the Musl__ms. I taught them what you taught us in the Healing Seminar and we also watched your teaching video I brought from the Enugu Healing Seminar.

The Ministers were stirred up and moved by the demonstration as I ministered to 2 totally deaf and dumb people. The Lord instantly healed them. There was also a man with six years of impotency who was healed immediately. I also prayed for a totally blind man but nothing happened. I am not discouraged because of the other results.

The ministers have fully decided to fully network with me for reaching out to the Musl__ms.

My mountain-moving faith is increasing on a daily basis as I am absorbing the Word and your materials. Your epistles are impacting my life as I am working daily on myself.”



Before my birth

When my mother was pregnant with me her third child, as she was on her way to the market one day she met a man who told her that the child in her womb was going to become an IMAM (an Isl–mic preacher). The man saw wrongly not knowing that I was going to be a preacher of the gospel of Christ Jesus, preaching Him crucified.

When I was born, at the exact age of two I was forced into Isl–mic school and by the time I was nine (9) years old, I had finished the sixty (60) Izzu (books) of the Quran, which qualified me to be an (Ustaz) Isl–mic scholar. At that tender age of nine, I was already preaching and training some disciples, mostly mature men and women.

The mystery of the Quran

The Quran is termed the holy book of the Isl–mic religion but the truth inherent in it remains that it has satanic breath, just as the Bible the holy book of Christ carries the life (Zoe) of GOD.

In the Quran every verse and chapter can be use for either white or black magic. I am saying this because I was exposed to it early enough after I became an Isl–mic scholar.

The most dangerous chapter in the Quran is called (Yasin). This can be used for destruction of lives, for protection against enemies and for wealth acquisition. When I was a Musl__m I made some charms with the Quran, like charms against witchcraft, charms for favour, charms against gunshots and even for disappearing when you stand against a wall. I was already trying to do the charm of disappearing at will when I was arrested by the Lord Jesus Christ.

I personally assisted many to do some of these charms using verses and chapters from the Quran. The irony of this whole thing is that the charms only work for a while because they usually fail especially when you need their assistance most. It is only Jesus that does not fail because they that trust in the Lord shall not be disappointed or ashamed. He is a sure hope and help in time of need.


Every child born to a Musl__m fanatic is brainwashed and poisoned with words against Christians and white people as their enemy and enemies of GOD. Such a Musl__m child grows with strong and perfect hatred for Christians at a very early age. In the Musl__m world it is believed that when a Musl__m kills a Christian he will receive a reward from GOD (Allah) and when they are killed they will go to paradise where they will be given seven virgins for marriage. As a result of this notion, every Musl__m becomes ready to die for the cause of Isl–m; this is the reason behind suicide bombers. They call such confrontation JIHAD—meaning holy war.

I was poisoned against Christians from my childhood, especially against pastors and the white man. We don’t regard them as human beings but we see them as enemies of GOD (Allah). With this hatred in our heart, we cause trouble against them and if they react unknowingly of our plans we kill them, burn down their churches and their homes. I personally was fortunate not to have killed anybody, but my colleagues did it with pleasure. The killing of Christians in the northern part of Nigeria became constant because we see it as doing the work of God (Allah). This is zeal without knowledge.

My conversion

By the time I was 15 years of age we burnt down churches and killed many Christians. After the whole game I felt a feeling of dissatisfaction. It was just like something was missing in my life but I couldn’t explain it. A deep thought kept coming to my mind that if I die now, where will I spend eternity. I became so confused and started saying to myself that if I become a Christian and at the end Isl–m becomes the right way to heaven, what then will I do? I was indeed in the valley of decision and greatly needed the help of GOD. Amidst this all thought there was an inner feeling that Christians are innocent and cool-minded. They don’t retaliate despite how they were treated. I then concluded that Jesus is the right way to heaven. But within a short time, I would go back to my stand that Isl–m is the way to GOD.

One faithful day as we were working on charms to enable us to disappear at will with a late friend Charles, a young Christian man who had converted to Isl–m, something wonderful and spectacular happened as I was saying that Charles had converted to Isl–m—that is the first thing we Musl__ms do when we meet any Christian. We try to convert them and many do get converted, including pastors because of money.

During the course of our charm business some preachers on street evangelism came to us and preached the word of GOD to us. The words that came from of their mouth were like a sword. They really pieced into my soul. At the end of the preaching they led us to Christ because we couldn’t resist the power of GOD in them. But when they requested for my name and address I gave them a wrong one. As GOD would have it, they left a tract with me.

A supernatural experience

Even after the preachers prayed with us, I was left in between two opinions. That same night I had a divine revelation. For the first time in my life, I saw a man of GOD preaching with a megaphone along the street, I discovered that people that were not born again were compelled by a supernatural force to follow him, but with the born again children of GOD nothing happened to them. I was among the people compelled to follow him and we were taken to a mighty field. The man of GOD told us that the people that want to be born again should wait and those that are not ready should go. Many left but a few of us remained. Suddenly we heard the sound of thunder. I was afraid and I saw Jesus standing on a rock saying:

“Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, take my yoke upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall find rest unto your souls my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30).

It was later that I discovered these words in the Bible. After this whole revelation I woke up from sleep and that is how I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ.


In the Isl–mic religion when a Musl__m gets converted to any other religion he is automatically declared as an enemy of God. Isl–m encourages Musl__ms to kill such a person, promising them reward in paradise. For this reason my dad and other Musl__m leaders decided and concluded that I should be killed. Many attempts were made at having me killed but the good Lord delivered me from them all. When I got converted I stopped practicing what they practiced. I used to walk ruggedly before, going to the mosque. All these things I stopped. In fact, I disassociated myself from them. All these I did without disclosing my identity because of fear as a new convert. But within a short while the whole thing was discovered and the news spread like wildfire because of my valuable status within Isl–m as the youngest Isl–mic scholar.

One night as I was sleeping a gang of Musl__m was sent to kill me; they took me away to a two bedroom flat where others were already waiting in the darkness for me. The room was locked with a padlock and there I was given beatings from different angles. At one point I could no longer breathe well, I was already suffocating. At this point in time a voice spoke to me to get close to the door and as I did, I saw myself outside. This was not the work of the charms we produced because all the charms had been burnt as I went for a series of deliverance from GOD through the hands of powerful and influential deliverance ministers. The charms we did do not move you outside, you can only remain in that same spot but invisible. What happened to me was the hand of GOD in operation.

As my attackers came out and saw me they ran after me shouting thief, thief. In the northern part of Nigeria they kill thieves anyhow and since they had decided to kill me it did not make any difference to them if I get killed by the crowd. The crowd gathered against me and stoned me from different angles using sticks and irons on me. The pains I felt were indescribable and at a point I got so weak that I couldn’t run again and I fell. I thought it was the end of my life. I made a decision in my mind that I will not give up. That if I die, let me die in Him and if I live let me live in Him. So I prayed and said “Father do not charge them with this sin, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Immediately after I finished praying, I heard a voice that said, “son get up.” As I stood up, I was relieved. I saw myself running with such a light speed giving so many gaps to my pursers, but was not feeling the impact on my legs. It was like using the legs of the Holy Spirit. I ran to an uncompleted building that had a fence, and as I was about to climb over the gate, a force lifted me up and before I knew what was happening I was at the other side beyond my greatest imagination.

At this time I was just 16 years old, so I had to stop school for about a year since they were looking for me, even in the school, to kill me. Even my Church leaders were afraid of the Musl__ms and did not want them to use the pretext of hunting me as an excuse to burn down the church. So many tried to discourage me, including the pastors. They encouraged me to return back to Isl–m since I was still young. They advised that when I was mature enough then I can return back to God. I told them that I have made a decision for Christ with no turning back. Since my life was at stake, I decided to live on a mountain, as nobody was ready to accommodate me because of fear of the Musl__ms. I stayed on the mountain alone for six months and on that mountain there were snakes, scorpions and all manner of creeping things.

On one occasion when I was sleeping a snake climbed my body and passed through. When I woke up I saw it going away, I was not really afraid because the Bible said believers shall take up serpents and they shall not hurt them according to Mark 16:18.

At another time after I left the mountain, I was coming from church around 8 pm and some boys, about 50 of them, rushed toward me with speed. I resisted them, but one came and was about to stab me on the head and I managed to dodge him. Another came trying to stab me on the chest, but as I tried to prevent him with my legs the knife pieced through into my legs. When I got to the hospital a part of my flesh was cut and taken to the laboratory. The doctor reported back that a poisonous knife was used on me. I suffered the pains for sometime, but eventually got a miraculous healing, though the scar still remains to this day.

On another occasion I went to buy prescription drugs from a chemist, and about twenty Musl__ms attacked me and demanded my Bible. I said I had no Bible with me. Some at that stage said “stab him,” but others said no, so I was left to go. When I was at the chemist’s place a voice came to me telling me to pass through another way home and I obeyed. Later it was reported that the boys decided again to kill me so they went to the chemist and inquired about me. When they could not get me they used their knives to make the sign of the cross on the chemist and he was beaten half dead before some good Samaritans took him to the hospital.

On another occasion a very influential Musl__m scholar who was my former mentor sent people to monitor my movements. He was very unhappy about my conversion. Three of the men he sent got me into the trunk of a car and before I knew what was happening I was inside their palace. I was given three days to change my mind or face the consequences. I made use of this time to preach to the prison keeper who consented and decided to open the door for the two of us to escape because his life was automatically at stake as he agreed to listen to me.

Three months after this incident I was kidnapped again by some Musl__m youths in the school. They tricked me and took me and from there got me back into the prison. I again preached to the prison keeper who released me and escaped with me. This was how I escaped the kidnapped attempts planned by the notable Isl–mic scholar who has now passed away.

There was a day I happened to be in the forest close to my house. A Musl__m man shot me with his gun. The bullet hit my chest and fell down without injuring me. When I looked up, I saw the man about to release another shot. His eyes were greenish which is suggestive of the spirit of murder. He wanted to kill me.

A notable Moslem native doctor kept telling me that I am joking with them. He promised that he will use my head to do charms for people. After some months his skin started getting dark and very dark until he eventually died.

My father personally tried to lynch me to death with a sharp mouthed, iron-like spear, but God supernaturally delivered me.

In February 2002, there were killings of Christians in the North, in Kaduna my home state. About five thousand Christians were killed. Houses belonging to the Christians were burnt down. At this time, I had already become a popular preacher in the state. I was specifically marked for killing, but they could not get me. They came to the house several times to kill me, but God did not give them the opportunity. On one occasion they almost killed my elder brother, thinking he was I because we look alike. Even though he is a Musl__m, he had to escape for his life. The venue of my ministry was burnt down, including the compound of the woman who gave us the space. All our equipment was also destroyed. When I discovered that I could no longer stay in the Northern part of Nigeria for security purposes, I relocated to the South where I am now doing God’s work.

My calling to preach the gospel

I have a mandate from heaven to reach out to the world especially the Musl__m world, so I need your encouragement in any way possible.

Just last year the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice that he has given me a healing ministry. However I didn’t quite know how to go about it until the Lord brought Brother William to Enugu State of Nigeria. Even before this, the Lord had connected me to him after I asked him via his website how I could be connected to somebody in Africa to train me on healing the sick. He then specifically invited me to Enugu where the Lord taught me a lot of principles and secrets on ministering to the sick. Today I can say God has fulfilled his word in me through Brother William as I am currently seeing instant healings taking place in my meetings. By the grace of God in the year 2005 we shall start to reach out to the Musl__m world with the demonstration of signs, wonders, healings, and miracles.

Evangelist Emmanuel
Delta State, Nigeria, West Africa