“More than 250 people from different villages came to our evangelistic Crusade held in the area of Jandiala in the city of Amritsar, the capital of the state of Punjab on a Saturday evening in July 2016. Approximately two hundred people gave their lives to Jesus Christ, leaving their false gods and idols. They invited our Elijah Challenge-trained pastors into their villages to hold prayer meetings in their homes.  



A woman named Paramjit Kaur (below) came to the meeting and for the very first time heard the name of Jesus Christ. She had a migraine headache, and she experienced a problem on one side of her body head to toe. We rebuked the migraine in the name of Jesus Christ, and she was completely healed. She testified that she had no more pain due to the sickness from which she had suffered for the last five years.



A gentleman named Heera Singh (below) came from a faraway village for healing and heard about Jesus for the first time, and was miraculously healed from paralysis. He had been unable to walk or even stand up. Praise God at our Crusade he walked in the name of Jesus. He now has now faith in Jesus that he can walk properly. He will stay in touch with our pastors, and they will be visiting him twice a week. Heera gave his life to Jesus. Now a door has been opened up for the gospel in his village.   



Anjali (below) was threatened and warned by her parents not to go to our meeting, but when she heard that the sick would be healed (in Jesus’ name) she could not help herself. She came to the meeting with a migraine problem from which she had suffered for three years. We rebuked the migraine in the name of Jesus Christ, and immediately she was set free from the pain. She testified that she had come for healing with lot of pain, but after the disease was rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ she was totally healed. I told her to check her condition just to be sure. She assured me that she was really healed. She decided to follow Jesus. After 30 minutes her parents—who had warned her not to come to our meeting— showed up and they witnessed the miracle the Lord had done for their daughter who was now free from the pain caused by the migraine. They have now opened their home for the gospel.



Because of her back problem, Simro (below) was not able to bend over. After we rebuked the spirit of pain and infirmity we told her to bend over and check for the pain. She replied that she was healed. She has now opened the door for the gospel in her village. Praise God!



During the evening many other people were healed from back pain as well as pain in their legs. Many were also released from demons and unclean spirits as well.

Afterwards we fed more than 250 people.



We also had an opportunity to show the Jesus movie in one of the villages.  About sixty-five to seventy people gathered to watch the Jesus movie. Afterwards about fifty people gave their lives to Jesus based on the fifty-one decision cards we’ve received so far. Hopefully we will receive more.



Thank you, Elijah Challenge, for supporting New Creation Task for India. Our goal is to establish 500 more house fellowships in new villages this year.”

House Fellowship started in Jandiala

“This House Fellowship (below) was started in July after our evangelistic Feeding Event. These people were miraculously healed in the Event and called our pastors to their village to start a weekly fellowship and Bible study. Praise God. Through evangelistic Feeding Events we are reaching out to more villages and establishing House Fellowships in more villages.”


Elijah Challenge Pastor in North India


The Elijah Challenge in India