“In Punjab, prison authorities welcomed me to minister to their inmates. They even asked me to meet them outside of their prison to visit their homes and to minister healing to their family members also.



There was one man named Balbir who had had pain in his head for two years and who came forward for healing. He was healed instantly in Jesus’ name, and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. He was given a Bible.

More than 200 inmates raised their hands declaring they wanted to give their lives to Jesus. About 130 miraculous healings took place. Among them were seventy inmates who had had back pain for a long time. They were healed instantly in Jesus’ name and gave their lives to Jesus, acknowledging their sins and deciding to turn from the wicked things [which landed them in prison] to godly works.



We had only 20 Bibles to give to the inmates, but we need more than 500 Bibles to give to the many inmates of which there are 4000. Since they have so much time in jail they want the full Bible in Punjabi and in Hindi.



God is doing a great work through miraculous healings in different places.”

-Pastor Amit Malik of New Creation Task for India hosted and trained with The Elijah Challenge in Delhi in November 2015


Reports from Pastor Amit Malik of New Creation Task for India