January 22, 2016

“Today I had a talk with our Pastor Muthamajhi. He informed me that yesterday he had a small Feeding Event with forty people in a small village named Sikerma. The village belongs to the Gond tribal group. 

In this village there was a woman who was tormented by an unclean spirit for one month. Pastor Muthamajhi made contact with that village in order to schedule a Feeding Event. While he was there the family met with him and shared with him about their demonized daughter.

She would run into the jungle without listening to anyone. Often the family would tie her up with rope and keep her in the room. A couple times she had freed herself and run away.

Pastor Muthamajhi began ministering to the woman in Jesus’ name. The unclean spirit started shouting and screaming and continued on for a few minutes. When Pastor Muthamajhi said “in Jesus name” the demon left her. She came to her senses and asked the people who had gathered to watch why were they there. The villagers were amazed to see this instant and miraculous deliverance. She had come to her senses after a long time.

An elderly man had knee pain for six months. He had taken pain-killers and ointment but there was no change. He thought that he might have had a bone injury. But the Lord Jesus healed him right there.

A woman had been suffering from a cough and cold for fifteen days. Her body was feverish. When Pastor Muthamajhi ministered to her Lord healed her at that moment.

The villagers accepted our Lord Jesus after witnessing such miraculous works in their midst.”


Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena in Orissa, India