Muniguda, Orissa, India
November 2014

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

“It was a wonderful blessing for me to introduce The Elijah Challenge in the Muniguda area of Orissa. The church is an independent one with only forty to fifty members who do not attend church regularly. I asked the secretary if he would allow me to teach and also to pray over the sick. They said that since they are a fully independent church they do not have the funds for organizing the event and also feeding the people. I asked them to invite as many Hindus as they could and that we would be providing the food. They agreed.



To my surprise over two hundred people came, and 95% of the Hindus who came had various diseases and needed healing. There was no space to sit inside. I introduced The Elijah Challenge and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. After that I prayed over the sick, asking the Lord to confirm the truth of the gospel to the Hindus. The Lord was gracious to heal a small girl named Rani from stomach pain. Then other people rushed up to me and asked me to pray over them for their healing as well. I was surrounded. See little Rani testifying below.


Little Rani testifying that the Lord Jesus healed her


Here is what the Lord graciously did:

Raghu’s arm was fractured and he was not able to raise his hand for a month even after taking much medication. But the Lord healed him and the pain left completely. He was able to move his arm and hand freely.


Jesus healed Raghu’s arm

Ritu Raj was abnormal since birth. He could not talk and walk. But some movement began to take place in his body.


A young man named Amot had a burning sensation in his body due to gastritis, but he experienced healing in his body at that moment. See below.


Amot gives glory to God


A young sister named Samita had an allergic reaction which caused itching over her entire body. She had been using ointment prescribed by a doctor, but there was no improvement. She could fee the Lord’s healing power in her body during the prayer, and immediately the itching sensation stopped.


Samita’s itching stopped completely after prayer


A mother had been suffering from arthritis for a very long time. She worked as a sweeper in a government school, but it was very difficult for her to bend while sweeping. The Lord touched her and healed her completely. She was able to bend freely.


An old man had had a problem with his eyesight for forty years. During the prayer he did not feel anything. But after four days he called to inform me that he was almost completely healed and that he could see with his right eye.


The church secretary informed me that it was the first time in his life he had seen such things. I believe around one hundred eighty people [including of course Hindus] accepted Christ for the first time in their lives.



The people were so blessed by the program, and want to have both The Elijah Challenge Training and an Evangelistic Feeding Event in the month of February 2014.”