We had a very powerful Feeding Event in a remote village of Sundergarh District.  The Lord was so gracious to perform His mighty works. Even in the heavy heat by the grace of God we were able to hold a Feeding Event.

There were less villagers in attendance than expected perhaps due to the heat. We gave a short gospel message followed by brief healing prayer. However in the evening the crowd was bigger and around 180 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.  The village is over six hundred kilometers from us.


Namita Barla’s leg was fractured and she was unable even to walk. Her foot was badly swollen and she could not place it on the floor.  For a whole month she had been suffering from the pain. But her friend brought her to the Feeding Event. Thank God she was wonderfully healed. We asked her to walk on her own, and before the villagers she walked back and forth.

Rani’s backbone had been injured, and for a long time it was hurting very badly. She was very tired having to go here and there seeking strong medication to alleviate the pain. At the Feeding Event the Lord graciously healed her. The pain was completely gone. She testified with tears. Praise the Lord God Almighty.

Chumuki had a gastric problem which caused her pain in her stomach. The Lord touched her wonderfully, and she was instantly healed.

Rabi Kumar was suffering from arthritis for a very long time. He was very weak with pain in nearly every joint in his body. God touched him and he was healed.

Bhubana had a stomach infection. He had gone to the doctor and received medication, but it became severe. He would vomit and experience pain in the stomach. The Lord touched him and healed him at the Feeding Event. The nausea and pain disappeared.   

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us to reach such places with the gospel.




Reports from Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena