“We had another very fruitful Feeding Event in a village in Orissa called Paale. 



Praise God for His grace upon us; wherever we go for ministry nowadays He is using us with mighty power. The Lord did extraordinary signs and wonders in this Feeding Event. 



Although this is the season for cultivating the soil, the villagers still came for our Elijah Challenge Feeding Event. Around one hundred and seventy precious souls accepted the Christ. Praise the Lord!



A woman named Sabitri (below) had two tumours in her stomach. She had gone to the Berhampur Hospital in the capital for a check-up. Her doctor advised her to undergone an operation, which would cost her Rs. 30,000. But she did not have the money, and so she went home to get together the needed amount.



It was marvelous that she did not know much about our Feeding Event. After the preaching of the gospel, I prayed over and ministered at a distance to those who had pain or disease. At that time one of her tumours had disappeared. I called her forward and laid hands on her. Than the other tumour disappeared as well. It was amazing to witness such a mighty miracle. Praise His Holy name for this miracle. 



A grandmother named Manima (below) was not able to stand and walk straight for many years. She had “crawled” as it were to the event. I asked her what had happened to her. She did not know the reason for her condition, thinking it was simply on account of old age.  



I called her to the front and ministered to her in Jesus’ name. One moment she was having difficulty standing up straight, the next moment she was standing completely erect as our gracious God touched her. She stood up straight by herself without anybody’s help…she started to walk back and forth. It was amazing.



A gentle man Raghu (below) was suffering from back pain very badly. I was surprised to hear that when he used to sit down and he could not get up by himself. He was in the back when I ministered healing at a distance.



At that moment he experienced the Lord’s healing touch in his body. The pain was gone. After he checked for his back pain and no longer felt it, he came to the front. I also checked him and tested him, asked him to walk back and forth. Praise the Lord.



A young man named Kanu (below) had a problem in his legs with one leg much shorter than other one resulting in much difficulty walking. He would walk by forcing his leg along. His bad leg was very thin and very weak. Walking a long distance was very painful for him.



I called him forward and ministered to him. At that moment strength was restored his bad leg and his was able to walk normally.



A woman named Radika (below) had migraine headaches for two years. The pain was unbearable for her. Though she took medicine for the migraine the pain persisted. She came to our Feeding Event in pain, but with faith and expectation. Praise the Lord at our Event the Lord healed her and the pain completely disappeared in an instant.




Thank you for supporting and enabling us to reach such place with the gospel.”


Feeding the villagers afterwards