In the month of December we had a Feeding Event at a remote village called Sipaijuga which was very far from main road. The people are from tribal and Dalit background, and they are illiterate. Around 170 Hindu people gave their lives to Christ for the first time. The Lord did wonderful miracles there.

— A gentleman named Dhruba was travelling by bus to some destination and it met with an accident. There were several people injured and a few died on the spot. This man in the bus suffered an injury to a bone in his body, and had to undergo an operation. But after spending Rs.60, 000/- he was not able to stand or sit properly. Every day he had to take pain medication which did not relieve him of severe pain. He was also unable to move his body.  Praise the Lord, Jesus healed him miraculously as he experienced instant healing. He came forward without any problem and testified that the Lord Jesus had healed him.



—- A little Sudha boy had mental disease. He did not understand what he was doing. They had taken him to several places for treatment and he had some therapy. But there was no change in his condition. Usually he could not sit for a long time because he would fall unconscious at any time. His grandmother brought to our event. After we ministered to him, he called out to his grandma—which was unbelievable. He had never called out to anybody. He responded to us as well when we asked him a few questions.



—-  A woman named Damayanti had suffered from a throat infection for three months. She was having difficulty drinking water and talking with a loud voice. The last winter was especially tough on her. But she experienced the Lord’s healing touch, and she testified she was healed completely.



—- Sarita was a 12-year-old girl. Last one year onward she suffered from severe stomach pain. The pain was very unbearable. She said she was very healthy but the pain made her weak. Her parents had suspected that some sorcerer might have done this and so she was treated for that. But her pain was not gone. Today the pain left completely, and she testified with tears.



—- A woman named Renubala had severe pain in her shoulder and she was not able to move her arm. The Lord healed her and the pain disappeared instantly.



—- A man named Dinabandhu Nayak had hemorrhoids for many years. He was supposed to have an operation, but was told that there could be a bad side effect on his eyesight. So he did not have the operation. He had some swelling in that part of his body. At the event he was healed instantly as the swelling and pain disappeared.



Thank you so much for supporting to reach the unreached villages in the needy state Orissa through this Feeding Event.