“Last week we had a Feeding Event in a place called Dasbantpur. It is one of the most dangerous places in Orissa as it is known to be a Maoist-dominated region. I usually take my wife Rosy and our two boys to almost all the places where we hold Feeding or Training Events. But this time I did not take them due to the potential danger. But I did take a few servants of God who had been trained in The Elijah Challenge.

Around one hundred sixty people, from both tribal and scheduled cast groups, were there.  Although it was a rather big village, all people did not come. Thank Lord who helped me to preach the gospel and minister to the sick afterwards. After two sick people were healed by the Lord, many others came up and surrounded me.  As I ministered to them on the stage, the Lord healed many.

There was an elderly woman named Semili who had swelling in the upper part of her knee. For years she was not able to walk properly. After we ministered to her the first time in Jesus’ name, the pain disappeared. We then ministered to her a second time, and Semili was able to walk freely. 


Semili walking normally


Way back in 2002 a man named Hari was struck hard by a volleyball in the lower part of his belly. From then on Hari felt pain there rendering him unable to play volleyball anymore. After many days of treatment and medication the pain continued. But at our Feeding Event the Lord touched him and he was instantly healed.



Biswa Ranjan works as a political block chairman and had a throat infection. The Lord healed him instantly. He marveled at what he experienced.



Jagga met with an accident in 2005 in which he suffered a severe injury to his back. Though he was hospitalized for many days he did not fully recover. At the Feeding Event he was still having pain, but the Lord has healed him.

Mili had been suffering from a hip injury for the last three months. It was causing much pain for her. When we ministered to her in Jesus’ name, our Almighty God touched her and she was healed. The pain had gone completely.

Around 160 tribal people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

It’s a joy for us to reach this village in such an area. Thank you so much for praying and supporting us.”

February 2016 Report from Orissa


Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena


Below after the meeting the villagers are fed…