Subodh Kumar Jena is an Elijah Challenge co-worker based in Orissa, India
March 2014

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports



We had a very wonderful Feeding Event at Nuasahi, which is at the border of Kandhamal and Phulbani. It’s around an 8-hour journey from us in Bhawanipatna. This village is situated in a remote area looking like a valley and surrounded by a small scenic mountains. The people are from the Dalit tribe. Forty homes are scattered here and there in the village.



There were around two hundred Hindu Dalits attending our Feeding Event, and around one hundred fifty of them accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. We started a little late as almost all the villagers went to the jungle in the early morning to collect “mahula” which is a kind of seed. That is their livelihood.



Dinabandhu Manseth was an elderly man with both legs paralyzed, not able to walk even a single step without a stick. For seven years he never stood up. I called him to the front and ministered to him. Miraculously the Lord healed him instantly. He received strength in both legs. He walked with me without the stick; he stood up without the stick. Praise the Lord for this miracle in his life.



A woman named Kuntala had been cursed by sorcerers and subsequently demonized for five years. Her husband had taken her to several places and spent much money on her but she was not cured. They had sacrificed many animals, but it did not work. As I started to minister to her, she began to act strangely. She shouted and moved her head here and there. Everyone was looking at her with great concern. I issued a command in Jesus’ name, and at that very moment she fell on the ground and the demon left her.  The villagers were astonished because they knew she had been taken to several places for various kinds of treatment and the sorcerers had not been able to do that. But in Jesus’ name the demon left her.



Raghunath had burning in his chest and a feeling of wanting to vomit for much of every day. So he was not able to eat properly. The day before the Feeding Event, he had heard that healing prayer would be held at our Event. He was supposed to go to another village to get ayurvedic medicine, but he did not go since he believered that the Lord would heal him. At the Event he felt some lightness in his body. He testified that Jesus healed him.



A woman named Devi Rani had suffered from a headache for an entire year. She was receiving advice from a doctor and was taking medicine but did not get relief. Praise God Jesus touched her. She testified that during the message she felt healing power in her. While I was ministering to people she was completely healed. 



A woman  named Kasturi had a throat infection for many days. She was not able to eat and drink. She would cough up blood from her mouth. Every day she would be massaged with a warm cloth and gargle with salt water, and only then she would feel better. The Lord healed her.



A young man named Govinda had met with an accident just a week earlier, and had injured his backbone. His entire body was in pain, and it was difficult for him to sit on the floor. At the meeting he felt power like electricity in his backbone and the pain disappeared. He was completely healed.



Feeding the villagers