Elijah Challenge Feeding Events in Punjab   

“Our first Feeding Event was hosted by our missionary Pastors Michel and Sonu. This was the very first time an open-air meeting was held in Dasua. We had two days of gospel meetings & Feeding Events. Over 700 people attended the events, and around 620-plus Punjabis gave their lives to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Eight of our missionaries who attended The Elijah Challenge Training in November 2015 prayed over the sick. Approximately 65 people were healed instantly. They attended our follow-up meeting, and now are added to the Church.

Our second Feeding Event was in Daulakia, Jallabad, hosted by Pastor Stephen. Over 700 people gave their lives to the Lord Jesus. Among the many miraculous healings, the Lord removed stones from a woman’s kidney. A severe sinus condition was gone instantly. Many people with growths on their bodies were healed instantly. Pastor Stephen had 100 new families at his church the following Sunday.”

-Pastor Simon Haq
June 2016

Man deaf since birth hears at November 2015 TEC Training