Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Other reports from Pastor Subodh

100-year-old sacrifice pot broken

“Let me share a wonderful testimony in our new field called Sargi Gida, Rayagada District.

There is a big Hindu village here with around one hundred and ten homes.
Recently our trained worker Dalimba Bidika went there and started a pioneer work. Without any delay six families and among the six one Hindu Priest family came to the Lord.

Now they are ready for water baptism. We had a small prayer program on 11th June with the new families. I was so glad for their esthetic for the Lord. Also a mighty thing took place there.

There was a sacrifice pot which dated back a hundred years used by the Hindus to sacrifice and shed the blood in that pot animals such as cows, buffaloes, chickens, etc. Thousands and thousands of animals have been sacrificed there. This had become a tradition for them.

But recently the Lord worked in their hearts after two children passed away from the priestly family. They also suffered from many bad dreams and found themselves under great pressure. After this family came to the Lord they would not dare to break that ancient traditional sacrifice pot. They were very much afraid and thought that something bad might happen if they broke the pot.

After our prayer they told me this story and asked me to destroy the pot. I broke it in the name of Jesus.

I strongly believe very soon all the villagers will come to the Lord. Though there is much opposition from the villagers, still there is nothing impossible with the Lord.”

Subodh carrying ancient pot used for animal sacrifices