Young man with sickle cell anemia miraculously healed; 8 families accept Christ

The ministry of the second batch of 12 disciples

“Our work in the area of Raipur in the state of Chhattisgarh is going very well. Our trained servants of God there shared with me the following report.

35 km outside of Raipur there is a small Hindu village living alongside various tribal people groups. Two of our trained disciples went there to preach the gospel with the evidence of miraculous healing. They found a young man suffering from sickle cell anemia since childhood. From time to time he needed blood; without being treated he could die.

According to Indian doctors there is no treatment for sickle cell anemia apart from giving blood whenever needed. The family did their level best to treat the young man but faced great difficulty.

Our disciples went there and shared with them the miraculous works that Jesus did 2,000 years ago. But they did not believe the testimonies, and replied that they had worshipped all manner of gods, but did not see any improvement. The disciples persuaded the family to allow them to minister to the young man just once in Jesus’ name to see what would happen. The family agreed and allowed the disciples to minister to the young man. That very night after they ministered to him he was able to sleep well, something he had been unable to do for the last seven to eight months.

The next day they called the two servants of God to come again to pray over their son. Over the next seven days the two disciples continued to minister to him, and each and every day his condition improved.

Our brothers continued this for another week, and some neighbors began to join them for prayer and ministry. The young man was miraculously healed of the sickle cell anemia. Eight of the families in that village accepted Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior. “

Spring 2018