October 2013

Kurt and Mary Simms of Crosby, Texas trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006. Kurt is a Master Electrician who along with his wife Mary own Simms Electric Services.
Several weeks ago we attended the Lucille Plane State Prison in Dayton,Texas. We had 290 women present at that time. Kurt commanded healing over the entire group, and many women were healed of various sickness at a distance. 
Then I helped him to minister healing personally to those who requested it. The first lady Kurt prayed over in particular was healed of her finger which had been locked and frozen and could not be bent. She stood up and began jumping up and down praising the Lord. She was making so much noise that we were afraid that we would be shut down. 
The second woman came up to the front limping with a cane, she could barely walk and could not raise her knee.  Kurt prayed over her and commanded healing, and she automatically raised her knee up higher than ever before. She threw her cane down and began to run around the sanctuary. There were many women to whom I ministered who had  addictions. Shoulders were healed. 
Many came to Kurt to renounce homosexuality and wanted JESUS to heal them. Kurt gave them the microphone and they began to confess their sins and ask JESUS to give them a new heart.  
Still after many weeks this service is still being talked about and it has impacted many. We thank GOD for the privilege to minister in his name and we give glory to JESUS.”