Rob Short trained with The Elijah Challenge in April 2011

Rob Short’s reports

“I ministered to many infirm and trained many disciples on Sunday and saw many miracles manifest with the Spanish people.  The Spanish community is very receptive to healing and miracles.   There was a powerful manifestation of healing as I laid hands on one lady’s back. Her bones cracked loudly as I commanded them to come into alignment in full view of the congregation.  This was the most powerful creative miracle I have ever seen.  Others were healed of arthritis and other infirmities as well. 

It was interesting to note that I was listening to The Elijah Challenge teachings and all the scriptures in the training all week prior.  Every time I do this, the Lord is gracious and incredible manifestations occur in ministry.  I can hear the Lord so profoundly when I go through The Elijah Challenge training.  Thanks for sharing those online.”