Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Other reports from Pastor Subodh

Mother-in-law healed at a distance through the telephone

“The Lord performed an unbelievable miracle for my mother-in-law over the telephone. They live three hundreds kilometers far away from us. She was suffering from knee and back pain for the last week.

Yesterday she called and shared with my wife Rosy and she asked me to minister to her over the phone. I hesitated because according to our Orissa culture one does not have such freedom with one’s mother-in-law. I just told that we would definitely pray for her.

But again and again she requested me to minister to her.

With much hesitation I agreed to minister to her. I just commanded the pain in Jesus’ name to leave from her body.

Oh, what a wonderful Lord we serve! God healed her completely. Today she called and shared that she is healed.”